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With enterprise legal management software as its foundation, Acuity is focused on next generation challenges of counsel: providing analytics and intelligence so that our clients can flex new strategic muscles and operate as true business partners.

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Acuity ELM was born in 1997. Its founders – Virginia attorneys who were national coordinating counsel for several Fortune 500 defendants – were losing valuable working days mired in travel, waiting for overnight packages to arrive and attempting to share documents via old-school paper methods. Acuity leveraged emerging technology to build an electronic collaborative defense network that provided an always-on, secure communication platform through which hundreds of partner firms could share legal documents and templates critical for building defense strategies and accelerating case resolution – eliminating redundancy, saving time and sharing best practices along the way.

Acuity’s founders applied this same problem-solving acumen to legal billing and case management. Frustrated by the myriad of potential failure points of manual timekeeping and case tracking, our founding attorneys decided to build a better way. Today Acuity ELM offers e-billing, matter management, reporting and collaboration to legal teams of all sizes across the United States.

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Acuity ELM is located in the heart of Richmond’s historic Manchester District.  We love visitors, so feel free to swing by and say hello anytime.

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