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ELM software for in-house counsel and legal operations departments ready to think big and do more.

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Your one-stop, fully integrated solution for enterprise legal management software.

  • Automate and enforce your legal billing rules
  • Optimize your budget and create transparency
  • Use data to fuel your legal strategy
  • Centralize matter and case details
  • Integrate with your claims management system
  • Link your Outlook account for seamless communication

Matter Management

Organize, track and relate all of the information related to a case or claim – and establish coordinated, consistent legal strategies that are built on your organization’s best practices.

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  • Centralize and standardize information. Review and contribute to a single comprehensive matter or legal case file instantly – and ensure that corporate legal teams and outside counsel are always in synch.
  • Build the case.  Upload pleadings, depositions, contracts and other legal documents  in a central repository.
  • See the big picture. Gain quick insight into all of the matters you manage. Identify which projects are on track and those that require additional oversight.



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  • Establish and automatically enforce billing rules. Set rules prompting firms to correct invoices before submission. Alert client bill reviewers to unusual or outlying charges and potential overages.
  • Document every step of the invoicing and payment process. Review automatically generated audit trails and track every milestone from initial upload through final payment.
  • Integrate seamlessly. Transfer all billing data to your internal accounting or claims systems electronically.
  • Provide law firm transparency. Enable your firms to check the status of their invoices at any time – without having to contact you for updates.


Get the quantitative answers you need to shape your legal strategy, support your recommendations and operate as a true business partner.

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  • Measure. Review trended data across matters, tasks, timekeepers and firms.
  • Compare. Assess work quality and efficiency via side-by-side comparison of timekeeper productivity and time to perform key tasks.
  • Customize and automate. Slice and dice invoice and budget data to create the output you need in the presentation format that your audience prefers.
  • Establish best practices. Leverage exception and adjustment reports to stand up and refine performance benchmarks and targets.


Harness the deep knowledge of your entire team – onsite and across the country. Improve the quality of your legal strategy as a whole.

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  • Schedule. Coordinate calendar events to keep your team up to date on filing dates, trials, meetings, contract due dates and more.
  • Discuss. Create virtual conference rooms to quickly assemble key team members for confidential, secure conversations.
  • Discover: Tap into your team’s Witness Database to review witness profiles, CVs and depositions – and locate the specialty witness you need.

Acuity Protect

A comprehensive business continuity and disaster recovery plan designed to satisfy complex compliance and governance requirements.

Learn More about Acuity Protect
  • Replicate, Recover and Restore your Acuity ELM software and data in a remote, secure secondary data center
  • Build a Comprehensive Contingency Plan that protects your SaaS investment
  • Satisfy Compliance and Governance Requirements for software-as-a-service providers
  • Leverage the Expertise of Iron Mountain and NEC – escrow, infrastructure and data restoration specialists

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