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The next level of business continuity and disaster recovery that protects your SaaS investment for the long haul.

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Business Continuity Services

  • Comprehensive Contingency Plan ensures continuous access to proprietary data and Acuity ELM application
  • Full Recovery Environment activated by neutral third party Infrastructure-as-a-Service experts at NEC
  • Premium Technology Escrow includes documentation, test plans, run books and server configurations – not just source code
  • Administration, Testing and Review by Iron Mountain delivers additional level of always-on vigilance

Disaster Recovery Services

  • 24-Hour Disaster Recovery of Acuity application and data via secured second data center
  • NEC Data Restoration Services extracts proprietary data in common format
  • Automated Hourly Replication preserves an exact image of Acuity ELM’s software and data in virtualized, secure environment
  • Iron Mountain’s National Data Center, located 220 feet below ground in a former limestone mine, mitigates the adverse effects of natural disasters

Acuity Protect Consulting Services

  • Dedicated Acuity Technologists can customize your disaster recovery platform to meet and exceed the requirements set forth by your Governance and Compliance teams
  • Acuity Escrow and Infrastructure Specialists can design and stand up a business continuity plan based on the unique needs and preferences of your in-house stakeholders

Mitigate Risk. Make Your Compliance and Governance Teams Smile.

Three Ways Clients Win With Software-as-a-Service

Acuity’s commitment to delivering our enterprise legal management (“ELM”) software in the cloud is based on our steadfast desire to always do right by our clients. Software as a Service (“SaaS”) translates to three big wins for the corporate counsel and insurance claims organizations we serve:

(1) Affordability: we believe the smaller and mid-sized legal teams out there should be able to access and benefit from ELM efficiencies just like the larger corporate teams with deeper pockets.

(2) Rapid Turn On: delivering our service in the cloud means we can get legal teams up and running on our matter management and e-billing platform in weeks. No more suffering through excruciating on-premise installations with long lead times and frequent communication black holes.

(3) Best User Experience: because we routinely build, test and ship updates, our clients benefit from regular releases of new functionality – accessing the latest features and technology by simply logging on in the morning and without complicated behind-the-firewall machinations.

SaaS Adoption On The Rise Chief Information Officers and technologists care a lot about the applications they manage – and the data that powers them. Simply put, both data and application must be secure, accessible and usable – no caveats, no down time, no exceptions. Goverance, risk mitigation and compliance rule the day, and often are the key criteria against which technology investment decisions are made.

The reward/risk ratio continues to shift favorably toward cloud-based delivery of software. According to Computerworld’s 2015 Forecast Study, 42% of IT decision makers are planning to increase their spending on cloud-based services in 2015. In fact, cloud computing was cited as the single most important IT project currently in flight among the study’s participants, with 16% assigning cloud-based projects top-billing in terms of impact and import. At the same time, disaster recovery and business continuity ranked a distant sixth.

Acuity Protect‘s comprehensive approach to disaster recovery and business continuity ensures your move to the cloud is best for your business, your risk profile and your bottom line.

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