Acuity Exchange

Improve consistency of legal representation and quality of outcomes by putting vital intelligence at your team’s fingertips — wherever they are, whenever they need it.

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What it Does

  • Establish virtual files to store briefs, correspondence and key legal memoranda
  • Schedule events and stay up to date on trials, depositions, contract deadlines and more
  • Communicate securely in virtual conference rooms
  • Review witness, mediator, judge and opposing counsel profiles in Acuity’s proprietary database

Why it Matters

  • Connect team members and share common files for upcoming trials, meetings and events
  • Eliminate redundant fees by relying on standardized best practice templates
  • Foster consistent, reliable communication with outside counsel
  • Stay in the know with encrypted alerts and discussion threads
  • Facilitate quick ramp-up of new legal team members
  • Encourage lockstep alignment of in-house and outside counsel throughout the entire matter lifecycle

Acuity’s Collaborative Databases: Your Competitive Advantage

Acuity ELM® offers access to several proprietary data repositories:

  • Expert Witness Database
  • Mediator Database
  • Judges Database
  • Opposing Counsel Database

Users across the country share their individual experiences with particular mediators, judges, witnesses and opposing counsel – and upload significant rulings, quotes, publications and observations.

If you want to understand your opponent and key players in your case before active litigation begins, Acuity’s collaborative network can provide the distinct competitive advantage you need. Ensure your case strategy is prescient and that you’ve identified and mitigated potential risks before they derail your case.

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