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What it Does

  • Compare key indicators across practice areas, matters, law firms, timekeepers and tasks
  • Monitor budget to actual costs as invoices are processed against cases and reserves
  • Quantify firm violations and adjustments via standardized reports
  • Customize reports and build complex queries to answer specific strategic questions
  • Download the exact data set you need for advanced analysis
  • Access standard report templates, including Approved Invoice Adjustments and Excessive Time Billed

Why it Matters

  • Assess work quality across timekeepers within and across the firms you manage
  • Monitor spending and workflow with detailed budget and invoice status reports
  • Identify potential expense overruns before they occur
  • Compare what different firms bill for similar tasks
  • Analyze relative cost of comparable cases across different states and regions
  • Share custom-created queries and reports with trusted colleagues

More Than a Cost Center

Legal teams everywhere are embracing the challenge of becoming more than a mere cost center. They are striving to become business partners and advisors, but often cannot find the time to get in – and stay in – strategic mode.

According to the Association of Corporate Counsel’s ACC Chief Legal Officers 2014 Survey, 76 percent of Chief Litigation Officers prefer to spend their time on strategy development and execution – but only 57 percent were able to concentrate on that area.

Acuity ELM can extract legal teams from administrative minutia – saving them time and allowing them to get back to what they do best.

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