The Acuity Difference

We know you have big jobs to do. We’re here to save you time, increase your productivity and keep you focused on the big picture. Picking a legal solution should be easy. But don’t take our word for it. Book a demo to see for yourself.

Acuity has been delighting clients with our innovative software for over 20 years. Here are a few reasons they picked Acuity over our competitors.

Why Acuity?


Acuity clients are very, or extremely, satisfied with Acuity, and we have a similar approval rating from our firms.*

Fresh, easy to use interface

with one-click features to get you the information you need quickly. Everything you need to do is available directly from the landing page.

Dynamic, real-time Analytics

and unlimited custom reporting with Data Download.

Acuity Insights at-a-glance

benchmarking on invoice and matter totals and timekeeper rates.


percentage of firm adoption for e-billing. There’s no reason for a firm to not use Acuity. Firms can upload their bills as Ledes files, or firms can create invoices directly in the software.

Free and unlimited training for firms.

*Actual results from our 2017 Acuity Client and Firm Surveys

Premier Customer Support

At Acuity, we’re committed to developing personal, long-term relationships with each client we serve. As an Acuity client you can expect:

  • Same day response to your inquiries.
  • No complicated phone trees or voice response systems.
  • To be on a first name basis with your client relationship manager.
  • Training and support well beyond initial installation – in person, when your team needs it.
  • A well-versed team of former paralegals, legal assistants and billing specialists who have spent a combined 75 years in firm-side and corporate legal trenches.
  • Friendly, approachable associates committed to making things right.

What Our Clients Say

"Your Support team goes above and beyond in assisting our sometimes-challenged users and does it with great patience and a positive attitude."

— A satisfied Acuity Elm client


“Acuity is an easy e-billing system and if you have issues the help desk is always polite and knows exactly how to help with my issues."

— A satisfied Acuity Elm client


“Excellent, friendly customer service. My favorite part is that you can't move on if you've made a mistake ... so there's no need to second guess yourself."

— A satisfied Acuity Elm client


“Very accommodating and understanding of our needs."

— A satisfied Acuity Elm client


“Very user-friendly product and the staff is always looking for ways to help improve it."

— A satisfied Acuity Elm client


"Easy to use, great customer service, robust product  that leaves little else to  desire."

— A satisfied Acuity Elm client


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