With Acuity’s robust suite of legal spend management tools, your claims and corporate legal departments can reduce spend, increase productivity, and improve spend outcomes and transparency.

Support & Implementation

Acuity’s goal is to get you and your team up and running as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Your CS team has extensive legal management experience – over 80% of this team has previous experience in law firm administration, legal billing, and paralegal support.

The Acuity Difference

What sets us apart from our competitors? We’re committed to developing personal, long-term relationships with each client we serve. 97% of our clients are very or extremely satisfied with Acuity, and we have a similar approval rating from our firms.

Product Highlights

Acuity launched in 1996 as the first web-based legal management service, and since then has been consistently first-to-market with the smartest and most sophisticated offerings to support our clients.

Matter Management

Organize, track and relate all of the information related to a case or claim– and establish coordinated, consistent legal strategies that are built on your organization’s best practices.


Manage your spend through Acuity’s powerful eBilling module: automate and enforce billing rules, reduce unnecessary legal costs, and improve communication and transparency.

Analytics & Reporting

Get the quantitative answers you need to shape your legal strategy, support your recommendations and operate in your organization as a true business partner.


Harness the extensive knowledge of your entire team – onsite and across the country – to improve the quality of your legal strategy as a whole. Connect through Outlook, shared documents, and site-wide witness and parties databases.

Legal Hold

Acuity clients can take advantage of an intuitive, fully featured legal hold notification and document preservation system that seamlessly integrates with Acuity’s ELM system.

Acuity Mass Tort

The only enterprise legal management software that provides eBilling, claims management and reporting tools specifically designed to manage the unique challenges of mass tort litigation.

“Easy to use, great customer service,  a robust legal technology product that leaves little else to desire.”

— Tom,  Insurance Industry

“As a GC, Acuity stood out among all the others because of their modern interface, robust capabilities and exceptional customer service.”

— John, Trucking Industry

“Excellent, friendly customer service. My favorite part is that you can’t move on if you’ve made a mistake … so there’s no need to second guess yourself.”

— Linda, Healthcare Industry

4 Tips To Drive A Successful Adoption Of ELM Technology

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A Legal Technology Recap for 2018

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Acuity ELM Offers Advanced Security Protocols

Responding to overwhelming concerns from the legal community, Acuity ELM recently announced the release of a multi-factor authentication feature for clients on its 4.1 platform. Acuity’s solution meets the standards set forth by NIST and HIPPA, providing an additional...

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